How to Run a Great Teleseminar or Webinar


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Teleseminars and webinars are highly versatile tools you can use to build your relationship with your list, increase credibility and ultimately making more sales.

Instead of just sending text emails, teleseminars allows you to build a two-way conversation with your list in a multi-dimensional and interactive way.

Here’s how to run a successful teleseminar.

Enrolling the Call

In order to get people on the call, you’ll need to write several compelling sales pieces. Even if your teleseminar is free, people still have to “pay” in time spent and the effort it takes to make it on the call at the right time.

Usually, you should send 1 to 3 emails promoting the call, with one reminder email going out the day of the teleseminar.

Prepping Your Listeners

The first 10 minutes of your call are absolutely crucial. This is their first impression of the call. If it’s your first teleseminar or webinar, it’s also their first impression of a two-way interaction with you.

A lot of teleseminar leaders like to unmute the audience for just 15 seconds at the beginning of the call and ask a question like “Where’s everyone from” or even just “Say hi!” The resulting roar of voices serves as social proof that a lot of other people are also on the call.

In the beginning of the call, you should tell your listeners exactly what they can expect to learn in the call. You should tell them what benefit they can expect to receive by the end of the call, along with any tips for getting the most out of the call.

Then jump right in to your material.

Presenting Your Material

Have everything planned out. Know all the topics you expect to present and the main points in each topic.

You should also plan a few extra topics to go into just in case you go through your topics faster than you expected to.

Stop for Q&A either all at once at the end or for a short time in the middle and a short time at the end. If you take questions in the middle, it’s best to take it in text form rather than unmuting audience members.

The more group interaction you can facilitate the better. There are a few different software packages out there that offer the ability to break people into groups for exercises and then bring them back to the main call. (I use MaestroConference.)

Selling on Teleseminars and Webinars

After you’ve spent 45 minutes giving your audience your best material, your credibility and know how will be at a peak in your audience’s eyes. This is the perfect time to make a sales offer.

Make a compelling one-time offer that’s limited in either quantity or duration. For example, make the offer to only the first 100 people to respond. Or make the offer good for only 12 hours after you hang up the call.

Really stress how much better off their lives could be as a result of having your product. Stress the unconditional guarantee to remove people’s doubts about purchasing.

If you’ve really demonstrated strong knowledge of the subject matter in your teleseminar and you deliver a great pitch for why the product will help your audience, you’ll likely see a stream of sales come in within the next 24 hours.

That’s the basics of how to run a successful teleseminar or webinar. Webinars can help you increase the connection with your list, as well as sell products. Start by selecting a topic people will want to learn about, sell the teleseminar (even if it’s free,) prep people by telling them what to expect right at the beginning, give a powerful presentation with a ton of audience interaction and finish with a time or quantity limited sales offer in the final 10 minutes.

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