Knowledge, Ideas and Self-Sabotage


 Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage Lyrics from

Today we had a great chat in our Contentrix Hangout on Google+. If you want to receive an invite to next Tuesday’s, just leave a comment here. It’s pretty casual and it’s great to meet some of our long-time followers. Plus, I’m learning stuff too!

One of the common themes of our discussion today was getting started or staying motivated. Whenever it came up, the person seemed to have lots of ideas and even plenty of knowledge, but had trouble getting started or staying focused.

I think we can all relate to this. I sure as heck can and I mentioned that I was starting to feel that way again in the last few months, but am taking steps to correct it. Here are two helpful that might help you if you’re on the path of self-sabotage:

  • Work on one idea at a time. Save your other ideas in a notebook and come to them later. This applies to starting a new project, working on different aspects of your marketing or just about anything. Doing one thing at a time well sure beats the pants of doing nothing at all…or worse yet, doing a bunch of things poorly.
  • Embrace people. This was another theme of our discussion today and really reinforces something for me. Hire help or bring on partners on your projects. They provide you with accountability, push you to move forward and teach you things you never knew before. If you’re trying to work in isolation, it’s harder to stay the course.

So no more excuses okay? It’s okay to get started and make mistakes, but take the time to correct them and learn from them. Reading ebooks, blogs (like this one!) or buying software gets you nowhere if you don’t do anything with it.

Oh and if you’re a Beastie Boys fan, watch this and then go kick sabotage’s butt!

Hope to see you in the Hangout next Tuesday.

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Alice Seba
Alice Seba is the owner and creator of With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content.

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  • Patti

    Great post, Alice. It really resonated with me. I can get focused and I can get pretty motivated, but one of my biggest issues is getting bored or overwhelmed. I struggle with focus and motivation too, but I can usually get myself past those. Getting past boredom or overwhelm usually requires me to just step away for awhile.

    • contentrix

      Stepping away is a good thing to. That’s when it’s a good time to get everything down on paper or however you prefer to brainstorm. Then come back with a plan of attack.

  • Derrick

    Yeah, working on one idea at a time has been my nemesis. I have to constantly catch myself when the overwhelm sets in… followed by doing nothing or falling prey to the next shiny object. But being aware of the problem is the first step in the right direction.

    Thanks for the reminder, Alice.

    Now when I catch myself slipping, I’ll just think of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, and get pumped up :)

    • contentrix

      Hi Derrick…admitting you have a problem is the first step. ;-) But you’re really not alone. It happens to all of us. We just need to keep it in check and stay focused.

      I love the song and I kept singing it in my head as I wrote this post, so I had to include the video.

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