Great Examples of Online Slide Shows

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We’ve been talking about slide shows for the past few weeks and we know that when we’re trying to wrap our brains around using a new marketing method, it helps to have examples.

Well, we’ve rounded up some great slide show examples for you. Check these out:

Example #1: Gary Vaynerchuk

“Retweet Abuse: Birdy Bragging and the Importance of Being Human on Twitter”

Gary’s slide show is excellent on many levels. First and foremost, the title of the slide show is both attention grabbing and provides apparent benefit.

If you take a look at the slides you’ll also notice that there is one simple idea on each slide. The material builds, step-by-step, until a satisfying conclusion. There is no call to action on Gary’s slide show. He doesn’t ask you to visit his site or buy one of his many books. He does ask that you do your part to stop Birdy Bragging. He also includes his website address and his name on every slide, and the show is well branded without being over the top or distracting. It’s delivered and marketed as a public service announcement, but it’s really just a nice glimpse into who Gary Vaynerchuk is and what he is about – it’s great content marketing.

Example #2: Wishpond

“50 Inspirational Marketing Quotes”

Wishpond pulled together a nice list of marketing quotes. The design and delivery are simple and clean and the benefit is immediate. It’s the type of slide show that’s relatively easy to pull together. Wishpond creates and sells applications that make social media marketing easier. They know that their audience is researching and studying marketing tactics and would naturally be drawn to a list of quotes from some of the top marketers around the globe. They wrap it all up nicely with an opt-in opportunity to download a free eBook, an invitation to connect on social media with links to their various profiles, and a quick tagline so viewers learn a bit about Wishpond and what they have to offer.

Example #3: Salesforce

“20 Game Changing Mobile Stats”

This one takes a similar approach to Wishpond, however instead of offering quotes they provide statistics in a visually interesting manner. While there’s no call to action, the branding is well done. By providing relevant and useful information they’re able to continue to position themselves as experts in sales and marketing technology.

Plenty of examples for inspiration. And remember, we can help you put your slide shows together.  Here are the services we offer.

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