Why Slide Shows Make Great Marketing Materials


Slide Shows as Marketing ContentYou’ve probably seen an interesting development in web content over the past couple of years. Suddenly, slide shows are everywhere and there are very good reasons why. If you haven’t experienced the power of slide shows, here are 3 reasons why you should:

#1 Traffic –

SlideShare, one of the major slide show distribution sites, is quickly growing as a high-traffic content distribution site. It is one of the top 150 sites on the Internet with 60 million visitors a month. According to Content Marketing Institute, SlideShare is one of the social media platforms that has experienced the biggest surges in use, year over year.

SlideShare alone has 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views. Slide shows, whether they’re embedded on your site or distributed via SlideShare or another service, can be shared via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

#2 Variety –

Fresh content is vital for a growing business. Slide shows are about more than creating simple PowerPoint presentations. Presentations are wonderful marketing tools. However, slide show creation and distribution services support documents, PDFs, videos, audio, and webinars.

You can take your content well beyond the average presentation and create truly valuable and unique material. You can upload presentations publicly or privately, which makes them excellent material for membership sites. Your slide show can be embedded into your blog or website.

#3 Branding –

Blog posts and print content are wonderful for building your business. When you can add powerful images to your content and tell a story, a visual story, then it’s even better. Slide shows help you do that and with tools like SlideShare, it’s easy to increase the exposure of your branding.

By the way, if you didn’t know, we help our clients make slide shows on a regular basis. Due to that demand, we’ve made it easy for you to order your own slide show creation at a special price for the month of December.

If you go here, you can see the two options for your slide show.

And if you enter coupon code: SLIDESHOW you’ll save $10 on your service. The coupon expires December 31, 2013, so do take advantage soon.

We’ll be back next week with creative ideas for using your slide shows. Until then, let us know if we can give you a hand.

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  • TIM

    Yes, slide shows are great for marketing and other such fluff, but they’re terrible for serious purposes.

    When I’m doing research, I hate to find slide shows – I’ll scan them quickly to see if I can get ideas for further research elsewhere, but that’s about the only use I have for them.

    The information is skimpy and superficial, as well as fragmented, so they’re pretty worthless for research, and they’re definitely not worth wasting time bookmarking them, much less sharing them.

    Now, if you have an article or voice-over + transcript that goes with it, then maybe you have something worth sharing and bookmarking.

    But pay no attention to me — I also think Pinterest and RebelMouse, while different, look like someone slurped websites too quickly and then the stomach rebelled and threw them all up on screen. ;-)

    • contentrix

      Yes, it’s definitely about preference and the quality of the slide show and accompanying materials are important. I’m one of those people who hates getting videos in my search results because outside of some very rare exceptions, I want my instructions in written format and with some still pictures, if possible.

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