Creating Social Media Graphics: No Special Skills Required

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Social Graphics Pro

Social Graphics Pro is a web-based software, offered by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, that makes it easy for just about anyone to create a wide variety of promotional graphics for their business.

Even people like me who have absolutely no graphics training and have muddled through trial and error, copying and pasting along the way.  The software allows you to create profile graphics, cover photos, timeline coupons, milestone photos, banners and just about anything you can think of.

A cool plus is that you can save your projects as .xml files that you can open an edit at a later time.

Here is a tutorial that runs you through the basic features of making an image using the software. To start with log into your Social Graphics Pro account (set it up by registering here) and select your graphic type:

Select Your Graphic Type

We’re going to choose an image suitable for posting to a Facebook Timeline, so we’re going to create a “Custom Size” graphic of 403 x 403 pixels.

Choose Your Graphic Size

Now, there a wide variety of things you can do here and we’ll quickly walk through each of those. You can insert an image that you upload from your computer.

Upload an Image

Or you can choose one of the many backgrounds provided in the software.

Choose BackgroundMore Backgrounds to Choose From

You can choose some graphics that are included with the software.

Graphics Included with the SoftwareMore Graphics Included

There are also a variety of shapes you can use too.

Shapes You Can Add

There are even premade templates you can load for the different types of graphics you can create.

Templates are Also Included

We’re going to keep it simple and upload an image to use as a background for our graphic. I uploaded a 403 x 403 image, so here is what our image looks like so far.

Image Uploaded

Now we can add text to the graphic.

Add Text

The text will now appear on your image. You’ll  see “YOUR TEXT” and you can edit this, move this, resize it and change the font.

Adding Text

To move the text, just click on it and then drag and drop it to where you want it.

Move Text
Now, choose your font.

Change Font

Font Display

You can also resize the font, as needed.

Resize Your Font

If your font is hard to read at the top, you can use the “Drop Shadow” feature to add a shadow to your text.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow Results

You can finish your graphic with a border, if you so wish.

Choose a Border

Bordered Added

Now it’s Time to Save Your Project

As I mentioned, you can save the project as an .xml file, so you can edit it later. You can also download it as a .png that you can use for promotional purposes.

To make the xml file, choose “Save” and create a file name. Then save it to your hard drive.

Save the xml File to Your Hard Drive

If you want to download the .png graphic file, select “Download” and then you can save it to your hard drive as well.

Download the Image File

That’s all there is to it. There are so many things you can do with this software, it might just allow you to fire your graphic designer. I still need mine because I simply don’t have time to do all my graphics, but when I need to whip something up quickly, I can do it in a snap.

You can learn more about the software here.

You can also see some quick examples of stuff I’ve thrown together for our customers below.

Graphics Sample

Graphics Sample

Graphics Sample



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