Start Selling Video Content Access This Weekend (Part 2)


Want to sell access to your video content? You are in the right place. This post is the last of a two-part series. Make sure you’re not missing any steps by first reviewing Part 1.

Moving on. Once your delivery and landing pages are set up, your next step is Aweber-PayPal integration. Aweber is the autoresponder / mailing list program that will make easy for you to deliver your product information to your customers once it’s integrated with PayPal.

Aweber Autoresponder System

While Aweber is recommended, it isn’t required. Using Aweber ensures you have a good way to deliver the content access password. You could put the password on your thank you page but if anyone stumbles on that page, they will be able to get access to that course.

Also, by capturing your customers into a list, you will be able to followup with them, encourage them, get them to consume your course and promote new products you may create later.

In Aweber, you need to first create a list. Write your first auto responder message and don’t forget to include the URL where people can start reviewing the course and their access password.

After that, you’ll want to make Aweber talk to PayPal. Aweber has an excellent tutorial you can watch or read here.


Now for the last piece, your PayPal button.

Log in to PayPal, go to Merchant Services to create a payment button for your website. From there, choose to create a button and follow their easy wizard. It will take you through the process step-by-step.

Pay attention to the last step (Step 3 at time of writing) and look for the option to “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout”. Make sure you check it, then enter the URL to your thank you page that you created earlier.


Create the button. You’ll be given a code for the button. Paste the code into the appropriate spot in your sales page.

Additional Options

Going forward, there are tons of ways to improve upon this basic process. For example, you could host and secure your videos on Amazon S3. Then, use the Media Guard plugin to create a video player that will play these secured videos. This way, savvy users can’t copy the URL for your video and pass it on since WordPress does not protect media links on its own.

These things are all good but don’t let them stop or delay you from earning that first dollar with your content. Everything else can all be done later.

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About the Author

Lynette is a geek who gets marketing. Having adopted WordPress in its infant stages, she fell in love with it and today, develops WordPress plugins that make our lives as marketers easy. You can find her writing about tech and a lot of WordPress at TechBasedMarketing

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  • Heather Robinson

    Great information Lynette. Do you recommend using the autoresponder to drip the content or do you give total access to all course modules immediately?

    • Lynette Chandler

      Hey Heather. I think that’s a matter of preference and also what your product is promising. Most times, I prefer to give access to all and let people choose where they want to begin with. That’s because in my courses, I never know what kind of technical experience the customer may enter at. If I drip fed it, and someone is more experienced, it would be really boring for them and they can’t get to the meat that they want right away.

  • Heather Robinson

    Thanks Lynette, I can see that it would depend on the content you ard offering.

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