Unexpected Ways to Boost Conversions, From Real Split Test Results

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I’ve been on a split testing kick lately.

I just discovered there are blogs that do nothing but report split test results. I’ve been reading every post with real data and tests that I could find.

I’ve learned a lot of unexpected things from reading these tests, including some really creative and outside the box ways of increasing conversion rates.

Here are a few of my favorite finds.

Improve Conversions … By Going Below the Fold?

We’ve all heard that the call to action should be above the fold. It’s in every basic internet marketing book, every introductory copywriting course, every guru’s “method” or formula. But in some cases, this rule of thumb just doesn’t pan out.

In this test, ContentVerve found that in some cases going below the fold actually drastically improved conversions. This primarily applies to extremely complicated offers. If someone doesn’t even understand your offer yet, asking them for their information upfront can be premature.

Instead, taking a page or half a page to explain your value offering then asking for the opt in sometimes works a lot better. In this case, conversions were boosted by 304%.

Boost Conversions by Creating an Extra Level for Your Product

Let’s say you have a Silver package and a Gold package. Your Silver package sells for $47 and your gold package for $97. If you’re looking for ways to boost conversions or to get more people to buy the Gold rather than the Silver package, this technique could be a fantastic bottom line booster.

Basically, you create another product and price it at slightly below your higher end product. For instance, in this case you might do something like Silver for $47, Gold for $89 and Platinum for $97. The Gold package would be far, far inferior to the Platinum package.

Customers think to themselves: “Wow, Platinum is a steal at only $8 more. It has all the features I want.” The feeling of it being a bargain carries over so well that they’re more likely to buy the Platinum package than if you just had two options, without the third, slightly inferior, product.

Learn more about this test here.

Selling on Authenticity, Not Price

In this test for ExpressWatch, Visual Website Optimizer discovered that some customers care a lot more about authenticity and trustworthiness than price. This is especially true in the watch market, where so many fakes abound.

In this test, they took a prominent widget that sported a badge proclaiming the company’s low prices and replaced it with a badge that proclaimed that they were an authorized dealer. It used deep blue, a color generally associated with trust.

The results? Conversion rates more than doubled, going from 1.81% to 3.76%, a 107% increase.

Simple Words Make a Big Difference

One theme I noticed time and again through reading split test results was how big a difference call to action buttons can make. You wouldn’t expect it to – After all, in a 20 page salesletter, how likely is the difference between “Buy it Now” and “Try it Free” going to be?

The difference can be huge. It can be as much as 20%. Meaning if you’re doing $100,000 a year, that’s an extra $20,000 in your pocket that year.

For example, take this test LiveChat conducted. Just by changing their text from “Free Trial” to “Try it Free,” they boosted their conversion rate by a whopping 15%. For a company the size of LiveChat with over 1,600 customers, an increase of 15% is enormous.

The list goes on and on. There’s a lot you can learn by reading split test results and looking for tactics, principles and techniques that you can apply in your own business.

To your success,

- Derek

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