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Think Outside the BoxIt seems like images are popping up everywhere and people are using them in their online communication and marketing more than ever.  You can see it when you open Facebook, visit a blog, read an ebook and just about anywhere. Heck, Pinterest is built on the concept that people like looking at images.

While it may seem cliche, the old saying rings true, “A picture is worth a thousand words. Images can do a lot of things including:

  • Catch your eye when you visit a web page: A page with a lot of text can be overwhelming to visitors, but if you can grab their attention with an image that shows them what the content is all about, half your job is already done.
  • Evoke emotions: Whether it’s anger, sadness or happiness, images that evoke emotions get noticed. If you’ve ever seen a single image that brought tears to your eyes or made you laugh out loud, you know what I mean.
  • Illustrate a complex idea quickly: Images are illustrations and if you can use them to convey the message of your content, your message becomes much stronger.
  • Personal images help create connections: If they’re pictures of you, your family, your dog or even pictures from your vacation…it’s a glimpse into your life and makes it easier for your readers to feel like they know you.
  • Become tutorials: If you have screenshots or how-to photos, you can more clearly show your readers how to perform a certain task.

(By the way, here are some ideas for finding images for your content…so if you need some, you might want to check that post.)

How to Incorporate Images into Your Content

Add Images to Your Blog Posts, Sales Pages, Reports and More:

You can use them to grab attention, illustrate a process or to share just about whatever you’d like. In many ways, we’re still like kids…we love content with pictures. It makes it so much more interesting.

Example of content with images

Social Media:

There are plenty people vying for attention on social media and images can be used to set you apart and get noticed.

For example, a while back I wanted to share a story on Facebook about we goofed up on our content and how important it is to ensure your content is up-to-date. Well, at first I thought, I should add an image so that my post stands apart. Then I realized, if I added text to this image, it could stand apart even more. The end results looked something like this:

Facebook Image

It only takes a few minutes to add something extra that will make people smile, think or whatever it is you’d like them to do.

You can also turn how-to content into single images. These are perfect for Pinterest, Facebook or even as part of your website content.

Instructional Image

Make Your Content and Image – Create Infographics:

There is a big trend in putting detailed content into images…and in fact, the recipe image above is a type of infographic. If you can convey information in a visual way, people can absorb it easy and they’re also more likely to share your content for you.

Infographics can be fairly simple and straightforward or they can turn into very complex projects. But the important thing to remember is that even if your image is complicated, you need to display it in an easy-to-digest way. Always plan your infographics out and ensure you’re putting forth the best and most concise information possible.


Need More Help with Using Images in Your Content?

Check out Kelly’s Image Monthly - she and her publishing partner, Angel, have great advice for finding images, creating them and incorporating them into your into your content. They’ve even thrown in some images, backgrounds and inspirational quotes too. Check it out here.


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  • Deni

    Do you turn your pics to slides to add the words? I like this idea, but not sure how to do it. Thanks for all you do!

    • Alice Seba

      Hi Deni…do you mean the roast chicken instructions? That was made using an iPad app called Frame Artist. You could do it with pretty much any graphics editor, but this one makes it quick work for resizing the images just right. Next, week, I’m going to demonstrate some of the tools I use, so I’ll show it some more.

      By the way, not sure if you saw it, but I answered one of your questions here:

      Have a great weekend!

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