Creative Ways to Use PLR to Generate Traffic

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Many of the best ways to generate traffic online involve publishing content. Even if you’re a marketing master, you still need to have high quality content to make many of the best marketing tactics work.

That’s where PLR content can help. Instead of having to write this content yourself or spend a lot of money on outsourcing, you can use PLR content instead.

What can you do with PLR content? You can use it to generate boatloads of traffic. Here are a few creative ways you can do so.

Use Them in Yahoo! Answers

Do a search on Yahoo! Answers for people asking questions related to your keyword. When you find a relevant question, post part of a PLR article (or the entire PLR article) as an answer.

This will almost definitely get you the “Best Answer” designation. With enough Yahoo! Answer votes, you’ll be able to link out of your answers with Do Follow links.

Turn Them Into Tweets

Instead of using PLR articles as articles, you can break them out into tweets.

This can save you a lot tweet-writing time. PLR articles will give you great content that you can send to your followers, without having to write it yourself.

Translate it into Another Language

Instead of using the content as is, which likely a dozen other people will do, why not translate it into another language instead?

If you take 50 PLR articles on dating tips and translate that into Spanish, you’ll almost definitely get quite a bit of traffic from Latin America and Spain.

There’s a lot of traffic in other countries that’s being ignored by the vast majority of the internet marketing community. Take your PLR and translate it and you might be surprised at how effective it is.

Create an Auto-Blog

Auto-blogging is a dangerous tactic for your main site. However, if you setup a different site on a different web host and use automatic rewriting software, you’ll be able to do a couple things.

First of all, you’ll probably get some traffic. Check your keyword logs to see what your site is ranking for. If you can get ranked using auto-spun content, that tells you that the competition is really bad. In other words, you can probably rank for those keywords with your main websites.

This is one way to use PLR & software to test out easy keywords before expending real time and resources into getting ranked.

You can also use PLR content to create auto-blogs that link to your website. This can pass a lot of link juice, but can also be seen as spamming – Use at your own risk.

Create a New Wiki Page

Use the PLR article to create a new wiki page. Try to find a small to medium sized wiki that specializes in your industry. Use Wikipedia only as a last resort, as their content police are quite difficult to bypass.

Post the PLR content, hopefully rewritten, on the wiki. Cite your website as a source. This will get you a high quality backlink with very little work.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use PLR content to bring more traffic to your website. Don’t just use it in the “standard” rewrite-and-post fashion. There are many, many ways you can turn PLR content in high quality traffic.

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