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Entry Deadline: Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11: 59 EST

Last week, you might remember a group of online business owners got together, at the orchestration of the great Kelly McCausey, to create a wonderful package of products to help a fellow online business owner and her son, create a better living situation for themselves.

Thank you so much to all that supported by picking up a package, contributing to the package or spreading the word in any way. Tishia met her goal and Kelly posted a little update about it here.

I love it when the community comes together and Kelly is always so good at rallying people around in a way that everyone can benefit. In this case, the buyers got a pretty darned sweet deal on some great products, the contributors to the product got some extra exposure and of course, Tishia got out of that respiratory danger of a home.

Kelly also has plenty of other talents, which brings further good news to one of our lucky Contentrix readers. As part of my participation in spreading the word about the sale, I earned some pretty sweet prizes. I told our readers I’m keeping a couple of them for myself , but there’s one BIG one that I am pretty sure our readers can benefit from and I wanted it to pass it on to someone as my way of saying thank you.

Kelly McCausey's Silver KeyThis prize is Kelly’s Silver Key, which gives you lifetime access all of Kelly’s Solo Smarts products.

Yes, with the Silver Key, you get access to ALL the current educational products, plus any that are developed in 2013…and she’s got some great plans in the works.

The value is over $700 (and she sells it on her site for $247) but one of our lucky readers will get for free:

  • Topics on Target Membership
  • Stretch Yourself Challenge Workshop
  • Know Your Blog Stats Workshop
  • Plan Your Offer Funnel Workshop
  • Smart Blogging Skills
  • Smart Podcasting Skills
  • 42-Day Launch Incubator

…plus a few things coming include a reworked and updated Power of a Focused Business, Smart Personality Skills and Smart Coaching Skills.

Please note…these are educational products intended to help you learn how to grow your business…there are no PLR or resell rights included.

If you’d like a chance at this one, do the following:

1. Leave a comment below, but that’s not all…keep reading for full instructions.

2. In 200 words or less, say how you would use this prize and how it could help your business. Best answer wins the prize…should their be a tie for best answers, winner will be selected by random draw.

3. Watch out for an email on Saturday (sign up for our list here, if you’re not on it) when we’ll announce the winner…or if you don’t get an email, come back and check this post. Winner must claim their prize by the end of Tuesday, February 12, 2013 or we’ll pick another winner on the 13th.

4. Entry deadline is Friday, February 8, 2012 at 11:59 EST. Any entries after that, won’t be considered. As noted, we’ll announce the winner on Saturday through our weekly wrap up email AND here on this post.

5. Only one entry per person.

Good luck! Learning from Kelly is a great treat, not just because she has great information to share, but you get to see close up how well she treats her customers and how she encourages them to succeed. We can ALL learn a thing or two from that.

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Alice Seba
Alice Seba is the owner and creator of With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content.

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  • Downline Marketer

    Wow I am first! I would use this content to build free short reports to build my list and then build larger long reports/videos to sell as products. I can market and design website but have always had issues coming up with fresh new content. This is the ticket! Sincerely, Beau Riche aka Downline Marketer

    • Kelly McCausey

      LOL! You won’t use any of this content to build reports – the Silver Key doesn’t give you PLR rights to anything ;) This is an opportunity to study and learn – not resell. (See how trained we all are to buy PLR from you Alice? LOL!)

      • contentrix

        You’re right…and I am actually usually careful to clarify what’s being sold…education or content. I will fix it up and if Beau wants to make a new entry based on that information, I’ll gladly accept it. We’re casual here. :-)

  • jackz4

    As I am the first to comment – that is the first reason – as I am sure to act upon all the amazing business resources within the Silver Key.

    The target market membership is perfect as I have been teaching and consulting for years and one of the main things I stress is the importance of target marketing – way too many business do not effectively focus on the right target market.

    Although I have been blogging for years, I have not been podcasting – and I think this is a welcome addition to how I communicate my message. I also feel that my blogging needs more – so looking forward to that package as well.

    Finally – I think the overall package will benefit not only me – but it will benefit all of my clients and future clients. To be able to spread knowledge and ideas to so many will truly be a good reason to offer me the silver key.

    FYI – as I was writing this – I see a comment popped up below – but I still feel I am a self-starter and will make great use of this package.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Oooh – we need to get you podcasting for sure Jack!

      • jackz4

        I so agree kelly :)

  • Cherry-Ann

    I’m upping my service business quite a few notches this year
    with the intention of getting more exposure by using the Internet (social media, blogs, membership etc.) Given that there is so much to learn in these areas, Kelly’s Solo Smarts products ‘Silver Key’ will certainly unlock doors in the varying arenas. Allied to this, I was part of the community who took advantage of the fabulous package she put together and am chuffed to have played a part in her and her son’s new ‘smoke-free’ dwellings. I admire her unpretentiousness; a valuable trait to have in this competitive business.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Thanks for helping make the Fire Sale a success! You have the right to be proud! It’s actually Tishia Lee and her son who live smoke free now – the Fire Sale was for her – I just got to help make it happen :)

  • Debsword

    I have been blogging to support some offline clients for a few years now, but have just decided that I have to turn my online ventures into my full-time income within the next year, not only because my boss at the day-job is retiring, but more importantly, to support my special needs child as she transitions to middle school. There’s no real option to remain in the “safe” job … and it’s time to move forward. It’s scary, but exciting, and I can use all the help I can get.

    • Kelly McCausey

      When we have no option to fail, we take every option to succeed! Keep striving for it Debsword :)

  • Stephanie

    Although I’m an expert in my niche, I am not an expert in online business. I would so welcome the opportunity to be taught by an expert in this field, and to learn from such a person as Kelly.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Keep pursuing the info you need Stephanie!

  • Isobel Phillips

    Looking at that list of products, I’m salivating! Every one of them would really help me move my business forwards. I love challenges – the Stretch Yourself Workshop is just what I need to kick myself out of my comfort zone. I don’t have an offer funnel, I identified that I prefer to speak than write but I haven’t started podcasting yet, I have an idea of something I want to launch but don’t have a clue how to do it and I definitely need to improve my blogging skills. Really these are a complete business workshop if you take them one at a time and implement as you go – that’s the key of course, putting them into action. What a fabulous prize!

    • Kelly McCausey

      Oooh! Get that podcast started Isobel :)

  • Laura Wilcher

    Oh my! I would be pleased as pie if I could win her Silver Key.
    I already have “Smart Podcasting Skills”, and thanks to the Fire Sale, I now also have “Smart Blogging Skills”.
    If I where to win the Silver-Key, I would like to pay it forward, and, with your and Kelly’s permission, I’d like to then give my extra copy of those 2 products away to someone else in need of them.
    The other products will help me to put these into action by getting out of my comfort zone to launch my podcast, as well as plan the launch, and plan my offer funnel in order to monetize my blog coherently, as right now my plans are all over the place and not very coherent.
    With the “Topics on Target Membership” I hope to better be able to come up with relevant topics that my audience will enjoy, not to mention all the other skills I will learn with her other great products. Thanks for this awesome chance!

    • contentrix

      That sounds like a wonderful idea…I know Kelly is probably on the road to NAMs right now, but I am thinking she wouldn’t object.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Love a pay it forward attitude Laura!

  • Paul Klein

    Well, well. Perhaps it’s time for me to knock the dust off of my idea hat, and get back to blogging, and dive head first into podcasting. I’ve been branching out in services and helping local business clients, but with the Silver Key, I can see this opening more doors to a much wider audience. Plus with one or two product ideas that I need to complete, the 42 Day Launch Incubator sounds quite ideal! I would implement that quickly to get my “coaching” services out so more people can be helped with the specific niche I am targeting (and it’s not even about PLR or marketing online – more about healing and growth…)
    Best wishes for your selection and the winner!

    • Kelly McCausey

      Hi Paul! Now that your idea hat is dust free, you must be getting a lot of them ;)

  • K Quinn

    I need some new ideas for my online business. Always looking to grow.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Keep on chasing all of those new ideas!

  • Jan

    I am just starting out in a new niche and would like to make sure I am doing things in the right way from the beginning. This prize would help me plan my content and offers over the next year both to benefit my potential readers and help grow my business.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Hi Jan, thanks for participating :)

  • Shawn

    Thank you for this opportunity, Alice. My WordPress blog is set up and waiting for me to add content. I have many ideas, but I need help to take the next steps. I feel that Kelly’s system can give me the information I need to make my business a success. I want to make 2013 my best year ever!

    • Kelly McCausey

      Hope you’re getting some content into your new blog!

  • Keyria Lockheart

    My name is Keyria Lockheart and I have gone by Silver Keys
    in my email for a very long time. The name is dear to my heart. I would love to even have a chance to winning (which I want to thank you for letting us all get a chance at this) is because I hurt my back and lost my job. I am in constant pain and it is hard. I started photography because it is a passion and I can work on my own time to make it easier to deal with the pain. I have a lot of great ideas I just don’t know how to get my mindset to start it. My motivation gets detoured at times. I also love to write. But sometimes I get mind blocked and unsure of how to improve and grow. I would love to have help and since I do not have money to afford anything I have to use my imagination which is not doing so well lol. I also help out with a local Animal shelter and I would love to help them grow and expand as well. Truth is I need help. Thank you for reading.

    • Kelly McCausey

      I’m open to interesting barter offers Keyria – I hope you’ll get in touch if you have time and skills to offer :)

  • Kimberly

    I purchased the Smoked Out promotion primarily because I can’t tolerate second-hand smoke myself and wanted to help out a fellow sufferer.

    At that point, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with my business. My husband died in October of 2012, and I hadn’t even looked at my website since the day before his death.

    However, having all of the cool stuff from “smoked out” motivated me to get back to work. During the time that I had been offline, the contract with the CMS I had been using for my website expired and I lost all of my content.

    I’m rebuilding the site and working to rebuild my business and my life. Having access to the Silver Key program will help me refocus on my business and generate the income necessary to support myself.

    With the challeges I currently face in my life and my business, being part of this program is just what I need. I find Kelly and the people she surrounds herself with to be an ongoing source of inspiration.

    • Kelly McCausey

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you so much for your kind words – you’re a blessing!

  • Terry S

    I desperately need this to keep the wolf from the door!

    Should I win, I’d use it thusly:

    1. Launch Incubator. Skim and decide when and how to implement — concentrate on it, or work concurrently with another.

    2. Topics on Target. First thing every month!

    3. Blogging Skills. Build solid foundation for future empire (mwahaha). I really need this — I’m a hermit desperately needing positive habits to achieve an income-producing blog.

    4. Blog Stats. Once there’s traffic, interpreting cryptic stats will sustain the right course and flag what needs tweaking.

    5. Offer Funnel. Then polish a Sales and Offer Funnel…

    6. Stretch Yourself. Once other ducks are nicely in a row, it’ll be time to stretch and grow.

    7. Podcasting Skills. Podcasting terrifies me (videos, too), so this might drop further down the list…

    8. Focused Business. Focus is a problem, so I’ll need this when it comes out!

    9. Personality Skills. Will be eternally revisited — stretching the limits of my hermit cave is a lifetime work-in-progress…

    10. Coaching Skills. See what is covered and decide best time and way to do it.

    (185 words)

    • Kelly McCausey

      Love how succinct you are with your plan Terry!

  • Alice Seba

    Wow…thanks everyone for your thoughtful answers.

  • contentrix

    Thanks everyone for your entries. The time has some to pick a winner and that winner is…

    Kimberly Schramm

    Please open a ticket at and include a preferred email address, so Kelly can set you up with an account.

    Thanks again everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

    • Kelly McCausey

      Congrats Kimberly!

  • contentrix

    I know this has been over for a bit, but I wanted to say thanks again to Kelly for providing such a great prize…and for posting such wonderful words of encouragement to everyone. See…Kelly is awesome!

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