Working Hard for the Sake of Working: A Recipe for Disaster


This is the last of our series on getting more from your content marketing with less work, we come to what may be the most important lesson of all and that is the lesson about hard work.

“If hard work were really a virtue, then mules would be saints.”

~ James Dee Richardson

Depending on how long you’ve been building your online business, you may find you work a whole lot less when you started. At first thought, one might think it’s simply because a new business requires much more work and attention.

Maybe. But maybe not.

I think it’s more a matter of working smarter and sure, that’s all part of the learning curve and it’s natural that a new online business owner will work more. But that’s not really HARD WORK. It’s just a bunch of trial and error…to get you to where you are today (or where you hope to be really soon).

Here’s what I told our customers & subscribers (if you’re not the list, get on it here and you’ll get a free profit with content guide too) when we launched this series:

“When you work hard just to work hard, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Spend less time working and more time strategizing. That’s where the money is.”

It doesn’t matter where you are in your online career, you can start working smarter right here and right now. Here are a few tips to help you do just that when it comes to marketing with content:

  • Constantly evaluate and track what is working in your content marketing plan and what isn’t. Throwing a bunch of stuff up there and hoping it will stick and then not even knowing what is sticking is going to cause you to waste a lot of time, money and effort.
  • Once you have your plan, assign the work accordingly to your ghostwriters, find PLR and suggest topics to guest or staff writers (see post: Why Do All The Work?).
  • When you are writing, spend your time writing the key pieces for your marketing plan. This includes important blog posts, emails, etc. Instead of focusing on content volume, put your efforts into creating real gems that stand out. This is allows you to connect your audience more deeply, showcases your expertise and makes it much easier for you to sell your products. Leave the volume to those who are helping you create your content.

Always keep your overall business goals in mind. Sure, we want to create blogs that are well read and we want to increase our subscriber numbers, but all that growth is nothing if we don’t have a plan for what we’re going to sell and how we’re going to sell it. Your content plan needs to match your sales plan.

What Next:

Behind the scenes at Contentrix, we’ve been hard at work creating a practical course to help you create better content faster and with higher conversions. If it’s not clear yet, we just aren’t fans of working harder than one has to. If you work smartly and strategically, there is plenty you can do to boost your response without working yourself to the bone.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the course now and you can expect an update a little later this week. But for now, I can tell you a few things:

  • This isn’t going to be a dull ebook that you read (or ahem…just save to your hard drive) and then never do anything with. This is a practical course, with real life exercises and opportunities to have your questions answered.
  • This course is going to be AFFORDABLE. We’re not going to ask you to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card debt to find out some amazing secret you’ve known all along. We don’t believe in “secrets”…we believe in applying strategies that help you reach your end goal. We’re going to help you do just that.
  • Take what you need and when you’re done, you’re done. This is your business and you know what you need. We don’t ask you to commit any further into the course than you want to. But we’re sure you’ll find value week after week and you’re going to want to hang on for the whole ride.

With that out of the way, I’ll let you get back to applying the tips in today’s lesson. And of course, if you have questions or comment, I am all ears.

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Alice Seba
Alice Seba is the owner and creator of With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content.

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