How to Find Your Writing Voice:
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Find Your Writing Voice

You’ve probably heard people talk about voice. For some writers, it comes naturally…for others, not so much.

Voice is the glue that holds your brand identity, your marketing and advertising efforts, and your content all together. It is what makes your company…and you…unique. Your voice facilitates the connection between your written and spoken words, as well as between your brand and message. Therefore, your company voice is important.


It is important to establish a few things first. Namely, that creating a voice can be a process. You may not be able to wake up one morning and start a business with a powerful and recognizable voice. And it is entirely possible that your voice may change over time.

For example, someone who begins their Internet marketing career with a niche that focuses on beginners and a “learn with me” approach may need to change their voice as they become an expert in their niche. Their voice may take on more authority.

Finally, rules are made to be broken…

Where would Internet marketing be if rule breakers didn’t exist? Not where it is today, that’s for sure. So while it’s important to create a voice so that your prospects and customers can consistently connect with you, it’s okay to step outside of your routine from time to time to test the waters.

For example, you may have a very serious and matter of fact type voice, but when you decide to step outside of your norm and publish a humorous piece of content you may get rave reviews. Sometimes breaking your own rules can reap generous results. It’s something to consider and to test.

Before you can break your own rules, you must make them.

That’s what our new free worksheet helps you accomplish. The worksheet, “How to Identify and Establish Your Voice and Integrate it Into Every Single Piece of Content you Publish,” walks you through five straight forward steps to identify your voice, ensure that it supports your brand, and integrate your voice into each piece of content or communication you publish.

It’s helpful when working with contractors too! You can use the information from the worksheet to make sure each person you work with understands the message and personality behind your business.

Free DownloadGrab the free worksheet here.

There’s no form to fill out or opt-in required. Just save, print, and start working on strengthening your voice and your business.

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  • plr mastery

    Thanks for this! This is a great how to find your voice for writing better content and for blogging great. As a blogger and working with content on a daily basis, it is important to know how to write sincerely and with originality – letting your voice come through – to connect your words with your intent that your readers and customers can easily understand you and become loyal fans and follow through on your recommendations or promotions. Great 5 steps tips and a handy checklist to use to do just that – find and use your voice – for branding yourself and your business for greater traffic, CTR’s and profits!

  • contentrix

    Glad you found it helpful…it can be difficult to discover voice for sure.

  • content writing

    Article on writing voice was extraordinay. Now i came to know about writing voice.

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