You Can Do Anything – SNL Skit


This SNL skit with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter!) and the SNL crew had me in stitches for a couple of reasons…

It’s funny because it really rings true and the fact that it’s true is what makes the world today so awesome. It is so wonderful that the Internet levels the playing field for people and we can carve out careers for ourselves.

On the other hand, people are so focused on become well-known and being “Twitter Famous”, they forget about creating any sustainability to their efforts. It’s a good reminder to focus on providing true value, having a plan for what we’re doing and staying grounded in who we really are.

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Good for you for strutting your stuff…the Internet rules!

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  • Rosyel Sawali (raincrystal)

    LOL! I loved that video. Thanks for sharing Alice! ^_^ Now I can smile after cleaning my blog site of links from a pharma hack.


    • Alice Seba

      Hope you got it all sorted out. What a pain in the bum. Couldn’t those hackers just have gone on YouTube to try to be famous instead?

      • Rosyel Sawali

        Yes, Alice thanks. I have sorted it out but I did need to edit all my blog posts! So true, those hackers should instead try to make their own videos and be YouTube sensations or twitter famous. They do seem to need the attention!


  • Julia – The Happy Mom

    Thanks for sharing this awesome video – I am still giggling. :-) Was it Warhol who said everyone has his/her 5 minutes of being famous= ;-)

  • Alice Seba

    I think we actually get 15 minutes of fame… Even better!

    “I’m filled with unearned confidence!”

  • Tasha

    Hi Alice, that video is so true! It’s amazing what some people (especially teens) will do to become “known” on the internet.



    • Alice Seba

      Yeah, they will all be YouTube Sensations before you know it! ;-)

  • Julia – The Happy Mom

    Yeah, even 15 minutes! I need to work on becoming “twitter famous” now, because I have used up my 15 minutes already, damn… I had my share of TV appearances because I am in a Venetian costume group, but maybe wearing a mask doesn’t count?!? ;-)

    • Alice Seba

      Everyone gets at least 15 minutes. You may get more!

  • Liz

    Hey ALice,

    LOL! Too funny, but painfully true.

    It can be easy to get caught up chasing the popularity road and forgetting that without adding value it doesn’t much matter.

    Thanks for the laugh :-)


    • Alice Seba

      My pleasure!

  • Donna White

    Thanks. That is funny. I don’t watch SNL. I did back about 30 years ago. It was so good then. I really need to watch it again.

    Donna :)

    • Alice Seba

      It is pretty good these days. As always, there is some hit and miss stuff, but they have some pretty talented people on board. We always record it and skip through the stuff we aren’t interested in. It’s a great experience that way.

  • Kelly McCausey


    I wrote a funny comment – but your antispam tool said it was spelled wrong – duh – it was supposed to be LOL!

    • Alice Seba

      Now I want to know what you said. Tell us and spell it differently. ;-)

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