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Finding your way to content success may not be an easy path. Each expert seems to have a map that will get you to where you want to go. The shape of the internet changes on a daily basis. The path that you need to take will be one that you unlock as you journey down your own unique road.

Tips for YOUR Content Success

    1. Learn from the best. The different internet experts may not have all of the answers, but they can be great examples of what has worked in the past. Read the blogs, Facebook pages and other offerings of those that have made their mark on the internet. Take notes and use their path to begin to forge your own.

    2. Have a plan. All trips need some organization – or at least an ending point. Without some type of plan in place you will never recognize when you arrive at your destination. Create a business plan around your content writing and see how it guides your articles to the success that you desire.

    3. Know your audience. Write for the people reading and not just for the content creations sake. Invest some time into knowing the needs of the readers and you will be one step closer to creating content that will be a success to them.

    4. Be willing to experiment. Try different angles to see if you get the picture you desire. There will always be more than one way to approach the creation and implementation of anything great.

    5. Be persistent in the experiments. Hoping around from one idea to another without waiting to see what sticks can be just as bad – or even worse – than having no willingness to try something new.

    6. Be willing to walk away. Persistence is important, but knowing when to say when can save valuable time and energy. Give all new content writing techniques a chance, but also allow yourself to walk away from those systems that do not work for you, your content or your website.

    7. Rinse and repeat. The best advice I ever received recommended that you just continue to try until you discover what works best for you. It may take a lot of trial and error or you may hit it on the first pitch. Try and then try again.

Creating content success will not happen by following a perfect pattern. Each website is unique and the readers that will come will be unique. It is important to find a unique path to the content that will work for you. Be flexible but persistent. Be willing to try and to try again. Listen to the experts, but pick and choose the tools that will guide you down your path and you will find your way to content success.

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Kathryn Lang
Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer in Alabama. Her work has been published in regional papers, travel magazines and national religous publications along with multiple websites. She has been writing for pleasure since she was able to write and writing as a career for the last several years.

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